3–4.30pm CEST  |  9–10.30am EDT  |  6–7.30am PDT  |  11pm (Oct 26)–0.30am AEST

Digital Touch

(live roundtable)

Chair: Sascha Pöhlmann (University of Innsbruck)

Patrick Brown (Dortmund University of Technology / University of Iowa)
Escaping the Digital Dragon: The Resurgence of the Table-Top Role-Playing Game in the Era of the "Haptic" Digital Image

Thomas Moser (Vienna University of Technology)
Biting Birds to Digital Digits: Presentation and Representation of Haptic Experiences in the Visual Arts

Shirin Weigelt (University of Weimar)
Into the Universe of Digital Media: From Klick to Swipe

From Remote Learning to Virtual Exchange

Digital Pedagogies as Cross-Cultural and Cross-Disciplinary Opportunities

(live roundtable)

Chair: Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand (Appalachian State University)

Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand (Appalachian State University)
The Cloud as Catalyst: Making Virtual Exchanges Real through Online Course Collaboration

Kristin Cockerill (Appalachian State University)
American Studies US Meets American Studies Austria

Cornelia Klecker (University of Innsbruck)
"Turning Necessity into a Virtue": The Online Classroom as Chance for Intercultural Exchange

Marie Dücker (University of Graz)
Public Feelings with/in the Online Seminar Room during the Pandemic: Affective Blending of the Digital and Real to Teach American Poetry

4.45–6.15pm CEST  |  10.45am–12.15 EDT  |  7.45–9.15am PDT  |  0.45–2.15am AEST

Beyond Digital and/or Physical Environments

Building a Research Metaverse (live workshop)

Chair: Stephany Peterson (University of New Brunswick)

Stephany Peterson (University of New Brunswick)
Beyond Physical and/or Digital Environments

Julia Zarb (University of Toronto)
Seeking a Digital Rosetta Stone for the Research Metaverse

Stephany Peterson (University of Brunswick)
Click Your Own Adventure

6.30–8pm CEST  |  12.30–2pm EDT  |  9.30–11am PDT  |  2.30–4am AEST

Featured Speaker

Martin Paul Eve

(Birkbeck, University of London)

The Horror! The Horror!

Digital Measurses of

Literariness Anxiety

in the Novels of Stephen King


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